Astrolavos Clients 2017

Acf Shipping And Trading S.A.
Alcyon Shipping Company Ltd
Alison Management Corp.
AllOceans Shipping Co Ltd
Alon Maritime Corporation
Ancora Investment Trust
Andrico Maritime Co S.A.
Apollonia Lines S.A.
Arion Shipping Ltd
Atlantic Management S.A.
Azure Services Inc.
Aquavita International S.A.
August Marine

Bouras Services
Beta Maritime Corp.
Braven Tankers Management
Byzantine Maritime Corp.

Channel Carriers Inc
Chartworld Shipping Corp.
Chios Navigation Ltd
Chronos Shipping Co Ltd
Ciel Shipmanagement S.A.
Costamare Shipping Co S.A
CrossWorld Manila
Cyprus Sea Lines S.A.
C-MAN Manila

Dana Shipping Trading S.A.
Derna Carriers S.A.
Dileton Maritime Corp.
Dioryx Maritime Corporation

Easternt Mediterranean Maritime
EFNAV Company Ltd
Element Shipmanagement
Enea Management Inc.
Eolos 1 Nautiki Etaireia
Eryx Limited
Equinox Maritime Ltd
Evdemon & Partners

G.M.A Maritime S.A.
Genta Shipping
Globus ShipManagement S.A.
Golden Flame Shipping S.A.
Gulf Management Limited

Halcyon Ship Mmanagement Ltd
Horizon Tankers Limited S.A.

Itiro Corporation
Industrial Carriers Inc

Kairos Shipping
Katsikis And Sigalas Ltd
Kyla Shipping

Lagoa Shipping Corp.
Laskaridis Shipping Co Ltd
Lega Management Ltd
Libra Shipping S.A.
Liquimar Tankers Management Inc.
Lomar Shipping Limited

Majestic International Cruises Inc.
Mare Shipmanagement S.A.
Marmaras Navigation Ltd
Meandros Lines
Mediterranean Management S.A.
Medbulk Maritime Management Corp
Meffan Trading
Mega Shipping Line Corp.
Millenium Shipping
Midship Maritime S.A.
Monarch Classic Cruises

Narwhal Maritime
Navegadora Transpacifica S.A
Northern Marine Management GmbH & Co.KG

Oceanfreight Maritime Ltd
Oils Overseas S.A.
Omafamina Enterprises Ltd
Omega Navigation Enterprices

Perseas Shipping S.A.
Phaethon International S.A.
Polembros Shipping Limited
Poseidon Average Adjusters
Primal ShipMangement Inc.
Prime Marine Management Inc.
Prosperity Bay Shipping Company Ltd

Reefer & General ShipManagement
R.T.I (Reliance Management S.A.)

Salmar Shipping Ltd
Sambouk Shipping S.A.
Seatrade Shipping Limited
Seatrans Management Enterprices Inc.
Shelton Navigation S.A.
Silver Lake Shipping Co Ltd
Sigma Pi Shipping Corp.
Silver Star International Co Ltd
Spianada Shipping Management Co
Status Maritime Corp.
Status Manila

Target Marine S.A.
Trimar Trident Marine S.A.

Unibulk Shipping Enterprises S.A.
Union Commercial Steamship
Unisea Shipping

Vantage Shipping Lines S.A.
Varship Shipping Co Ltd

W Marine Inc.
Wind Force Maritime
World Carriers Corporation