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Our story goes back to the early spring of 1980, in Filellinon Street, Piraeus, in the hub of the most concentrated ship-owning and ship-management community in the world. Desktop and laptop computers were non-existent in those days. Raised floors with countless wires criss-crossing below, air conditioned and sound proofed double-glazed rooms were the norm. The 600 line per minute printer cracked its tune and danced away with deafening and unbearable DIN.

Our vision then for the shipping community was to develop dedicated industry specific software and offer a “daily” reporting service through a Service Bureaux where vital and timely information would be provided for ship-owners and managers alike. Data from 120 ships were being processed on a daily basis, from 20 different clients. Each one in his own right demanding meaningful and much needed information with his own methodology, procedure presentation and his own vision of reporting. For the next five or so years we were tested to extremes of pressure and demands. The results, a dedicated industry specific software and service that has been tested and proved to its extremes, in the real shipping environment. …

40 years later, Astrolavos Information Systems true to its initial vision and as a mature, proved and Trusted Ally with the Loyalty of a Business Partner to all its clients handles with confidence and integrity some of the largest shipping companies in the world.


Our team is made up of enthusiastic and dynamic professionals with many years of academic and practical experience in application development, delivery and implementation within the shipping industry with on-hands experience. Astolavos assumes each of its tasks as a critical mission, giving our clients the assurance that we are always there when they need us.

Collectively, we have many years of experience working with and in shipping companies in Pireaus and abroad with our own and competitors applications. As individuals, we have unique – and complementary – approaches acting as one strong team with a common understanding.