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Astrolavos Crew Management system is dedicated toward maritime companies involved in ship management, agents, crewing agencies worldwide, and any maritime company involved in crew manning, scheduling of any type of ship.

Your crew on board is the most important strength of your business requiring organisation, good teamwork and leadership. Making the right selection and mix, manning your vessels with efficiency and with optimum requirements takes a lot of effort and planning.

Crew rotation and deployment together with current flag state regulations and STCW rules to comply with, takes a lot of effort and energy.

Experienced crew members are difficult to find and hang onto and crew payroll and related costs are leading the operational cost increases.

Astrolavos Crew Management has been designed to help you cover all of your human resource needs and planning, ease and efficiently.


  1. Tailored to a shipping dedicated environment
  2. Easy to comply with industry defined standards and regulations
  3. Pre-loaded libraries ready for use
  4. Designed to meet both the shore-based office and on-board requirements
  5. Multiple numbers of report types. Can also be easily downloaded into Microsoft Excel for easy editing and further analysis
  6. Fast set-up and immediate implementation
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Operations cycle
includes enquiries, stems, stems list, delivered jobs, lost jobs and cancelled jobs. This, together with the appropriate reports that are generated, will give the operator a complete picture of any client/ship’s status at any given moment either on screen or hard copy.
Statistics cycle
covers all related statistics for each transaction type by client/vessel with current due, overdue, statistics overview of company operations, stems – lost – cancelled and delivered jobs, volumes rebates and brokerage and a rebates overview. The complete report system enables the crew trader to assess targets, achievements and to gauge new strategies for achieving company goals.
Permanent Data
covers supply areas, countries, ports, suppliers, port suppliers, clients’ data, vessel data, products and suppliers for each port. Most of the data comes preloaded with the program so a minimal amount of editing would be required by the user at the initial installation stage to have a complete system up and running.
System Administration
covers all back-up requirements, vessel types (pre-loaded on system), and the users allowed access to the crew management Software