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Astrolavos Financial Accounting is a fully integrated application that supports a multi-company, multi-currency environment, cash management, voyage accounting, accounts receivable, open item files, accounts payable, general ledger and much more. Each ship’s data is kept separate, with multiple options for consolidation in the financial ledgers, and merging of information in reports.

Designed and implemented by Chartered Accountants with many years hands-on experience in the shipping industry and applied to numerous different types of shipping company structures including owned ships, chartered in ships, bunker trading, Management Company, and others, in simple understandable working environment.


  1. Easy to use and implement, even for
    non- accountants
  2. Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, Multi-
    Divisional features
  3. Complete Financial Statements
    instantly with FSCC coding system
  4. Consolidation with numerous
    alternatives and combinations
  5. Drill down from financial reports to
    PDF invoice full view
  6. Immediate download to Excel at a
    click of a button
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Exchange rates downloaded automatically from internet.
Pre-loaded currencies exchange rate history file.
Exchange Differences
Automatic exchange differences computation and posting to currency difference account.
Voyage Accounting
Voyage accounting and reporting in accounting and operations style for reporting to various departments with voyage transaction codes.
Detailed OPEX with budget projections and comparison reports. General ledger supports deep segmentation of your shipping activities to allow very detailed reporting of costs, revenues and voyage accounting.
Open Items
Complete Open Item reporting for cash management with a variety of user options such as on single vessel or combined across specific fleets, by currency, by due dates, by specific ledger card groups.
Chart of Accounts
Pre loaded currencies exchange rate history file.
Trial Balance
A variety of Trial Balance reports which are meaningful and easily readable and understandable. These can be viewed on screen or printed in a variety of options including specific periods, by Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss section, by specific group of accounts etc.
This can be done at any level of the accounting process by ledger card, by common supplier, specific period, specific currency, specific group of vessels, can be viewed on screen or printed etc.
Data Entries
Segregation of duties within the accounts department applied through the various transaction forms available, (accounts payable, payment orders, MGA etc.) simplifying data entry even for non-accounts.
Accounting entry cloning
Save time and minimise keystrokes in compiling repeat transactions.
Accruals and Prepayments
Automatic accrual and prepayments at period end with reversals in new period.
Management Company Interest
Automatic interest calculations on vessel/management company current accounts for advances and loans.
Financial Statements
These are built up through the use of the unique Astrolavos FSCC coding system which can be user defined and designed as required.
Scan Documents
Attach up to five different documents in each entry, with no size nor type limitation. Any electronic file may be attached to the entry.