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Developed specifically to maintain books of account for shipping companies established in Greece under Law 89. Connected to myDATA AADE application. The program is continuously updated to current Greek legislation.


  1. Fully compatible with myDATA.
  2. Always up to date with authorities’ legislation.
  3. Simple, easy and reliable
  4. Reports and exports designed for shipping industry.
  5. No setup time, immediate implementation.
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Data Entry
Multiple forms to process Greek invoices, euro conversions, crew wages and generally income and expense statements to comply with Law 89. Simple user interface with automatic updating.
Built in connection with myDATA, fully integrated with AADE portal. Fullfils all Greek authorities requirements and legislation.
Official Reports
Monthly summary reports, with income and expense analysis. VAT statements as required and in compliance with Greek law. Summary report of income and expenses as required by the Bank of Greece and various Ministries on an annual basis.
Suppliers Library
Retention of official data and detailed information of each supplier. Distinct representation of each supplier’s registered transactions. Automatic electronic preparation and submission of annual summary reports in compliance to the requirements of Greek Code of Accounting Books and Records.
Crew Library
Maintain official tax data for all Greek seamen and retains wage history payments. Crew wage certifications for tax purposes prepared automatically.
Excel Exports
All Reports are automatically downloaded to Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis if required and final audit.
Trial Balance
A variety of Trial Balance reports which are meaningful and easily readable and understandable. These can be viewed on screen or printed in a variety of options including specific periods, by Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss section, by specific group of accounts etc.