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The Astrolavos Vessel Performance log maintained on board is used for reporting of various ship performance data for specific voyages, transits and port calls. The ship-board log prepared and updated on a daily basis compiles data such as fuel consumption, engine status, navigation data such as distance sailed and others relevant to the actual performance of the vessel.

The software provides a complete daily picture of a single vessel’s performance and across the whole fleet allowing you to maximise performance with up to date and timely information in an easy, efficient and reliable manner with minimum fuss on training and implementation.

Complete data is automatically updated in the shore based version from individual ships and processes the data into a fleet-wide database via the daily noon reports enabling shore based technical and operations staff to monitor all vessel performance details.

Astrolavos Vessel Performance gives you the full picture of each ship and your fleet painlessly.


  1. Minimise OPEX
  2. Monitor speed and consumption
  3. Hands on control of consumables for bunkers and lubricating oils
  4. Optimise vessel operations
  5. Control fuel and operating efficiency
  6. Reduce and control third party claims
  7. Engine inefficiencies and stoppages
    monitored daily
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This module has been designed primarily for the Operations Department who have a direct interest on the performance of each vessel and each voyage executed. It will also form a very dynamic tool for the Technical, Freight Collection, Accounting Departments and for management.
Data Entry
The module comprises of three separate sections including

-Daily or periodical Noon Reports
-Port Arrival and Departure Cables
-Min – Max Consumption limits

All data updated from the three sources determines the acceptable performance limits to be maintained by the ship on which all statistical data and reports are compiled.
Noon Reports
Items recorded at pre-defined intervals include

-Next Ports of Call
-Hours sailed
-ROB – Bunkers, Lubricants, Water

Other appropriate information recorded includes Main Engine Rev Counter, Propeller RPM, Pitch, Load indicator etc.
Arrival/Departure Cable Data
All relevant history at each port of call is recorded within this module. Information includes

Log Number
-Type of Port Operations with complete berthing details
-Commencement and completion of each operation
-Cargo loaded/discharged
-Arrival/Departure times, cargo quantities, ballast FWD and AFT draught
-A complete history of Bunker and Lubricant for arrival, departure and quantities lifted.
-Running hours during stay in port for all machinery in operation
Consumption Limits
Set for each ship with Min – Max Limits including IFO, MDO, System Oils, Generator Oils, Fuel Handle, Load Indicator and Temperatures. Once parameters have been set all comparisons and reports compiled are by direct reference to these limits
A comprehensive set of reports are available which cover all needs for Operations, Technical, Freight Collection, Accounting Departments and Management.

-History files for all voyages for each ship, including days at sea and in port for all and any specific periods
-Detailed breakdown of each passage, distance, speed, slip, RPM
-Detailed consumption breakdown
-Complete voyage analysis and printout

All reports can be viewed and assessed on screen or printout.