Bunker Trading

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Covers the complete cycle of third party Bunker Trading, from initial client/vessel enquiries, automatic issuance of invoices, on line accounting interfaced with Astrolavos Financial Accounting Module. Tailored for the bunker trading environment making it very user friendly with a minimal amount of training required, enabling any novice to use it immediately.

Manages all topics from one single piece of software. Handles all bunker trading issues effectively and efficiently.


Operations cycle includes enquiries, stems, stems list, delivered jobs, lost jobs and cancelled jobs. This, together with the appropriate reports that are generated, will give the operator a complete picture of any client/ship’s status at any given moment either on screen or hard copy.

Statistics cycle covers all related statistics for each transaction type by client/vessel with current due, overdue, statistics overview of company operations, stems – lost – cancelled and delivered jobs, volumes rebates and brokerage and a rebates overview. The complete report system enables the Bunker trader to assess targets, achievements and to gauge new strategies for achieving company goals.

Permanent Data covers supply areas, countries, ports, suppliers, port suppliers, clients’ data, vessel data, products and suppliers for each port. Most of the data comes preloaded with the program so a minimal amount of editing would be required by the user at the initial installation stage to have a complete system up and running.

System Administration covers all back-up requirements, vessel types (pre-loaded on system), and the users allowed access to the Bunker Trading Software


Rebates and Brokerage


  • Instant Status of each stem/order
  • Instant access to all vessel requirements
  • Instant collections and due amounts
  • Commissions for third parties split
  • Open item reporting