Cash Management Activities

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Astrolavos Cash Management Activities is specifically designed for the maritime industry to enhance all cash payment activities within a shipping company. Fully integrated with the Astrolavos Financial Accounting the CMA module gives you complete control of all payments together with the relevant accounting cycle.

Incorporates multiple levels of authority between individuals, departments, and final issuance of Test Key codes.

Minimizes the work overload for data preparation, allows better internal controls, reduces, and automates accounting to a bare minimum.

  • User level authorities determined and applied to your in-house internal policies
  • Complete libraries of Banks, Bank accounts, Suppliers, Currencies, Departments with appropriate levels of authority for updates
  • Auto print beneficiary letters
  • Assign Test Keys with options to release payment or hold transmission
  • Multiple options for remittance types ranging from electronic payments to cheques
  • Payments can be analysed by departments with appropriate reports being created


  • Complete and secure internal controls
  • Automatically prepare and update accounting entries
  • Comprehensive reporting on many levels
  • Quickly implemented and automatically minimises workload across many departments