Cruise Tickets Management

A program designed to manage the invoicing procedure of cruise vessels, fully integrated with the various booking programs and Astrolavos Accounting program.

Load External Data –  Load automatically external data from final proforma invoice and group them by agent and by currency, so they can be easily managed.

Tickets Invoices – Prepare invoices based on reservation schedule bookings, avoiding repetitive data entry. After approval by authorised personnel, invoices are processed through the tax machine updating ledger cards within the accounting program.

Excursions Invoices – The program gives the posibility to the user to create invoices for services with extra charges (like excursions), updating also the accounting books.

Cancellation Invoices – Depending on the cancellation policy, the user can create an invoice charging the agent with the appropriate cancellation fees and transfer them automatically to the accounting program.

Credit Notes – In case it is needed the program can create a credit note and inform the accounting program.

History Records – Displays all types of invoices by vessel and by cruise giving the total amount that has been invoiced and the outstanding invoices. A variety of reports feeds the user with the necessary information in an easy way.

Agents File – A detailed library with general, accounting and communication information of every agent.