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Astrolavos Software Systems has been producing specialised software for the maritime industry since 1980. Through a thoroughly tested and stable maritime software environment Astrolavos extends confidence to all levels of users, minimises implementation time and gives confidence to the whole team not to drift away from using their ERP fully. Astrolavos Software solutions help ship owners and managers in keeping tight control of costs and overheads through effective Ship and Shore based modules.

Financial Accounting Image
Financial Accounting Icon Financial Accounting

Astrolavos Financial Accounting is a fully integrated application that supports a multi-company, multi-currency environment, cash management, voyage accounting, accounts receivable, open item files, accounts payable, general ledger and much more.

Revenue-Expenses Books Image
Revenue-Expenses Books Icon Revenue-Expenses Books

Cash Management Activities Image
Cash Management Activities Icon Cash Management Activities

Astrolavos Cash Management Activities is specifically designed for the maritime industry to enhance all cash payment activities within a shipping company. Fully integrated with the Astrolavos Financial Accounting the CMA module gives you complete control of all payments together with the relevant accounting cycle.

Cheque Writter Image
Cheque Writter Icon Cheque Writter

A module attached to the main accounting program that goes one step further from the payment order and implements the issuing of cheques. Cheques can be printed on a common laser printer, using letters with your company’s logo. A trustful procedure eliminates access, only to authorised users and separates duties accordingly. Accounting books are always up to date and cheques are prepared automatically reducing common mistakes.

Supply Management Image
Supply Management Icon Supply Management

Crew Management Image
Crew Management Icon Crew Management

Astrolavos Crew Management system is dedicated toward maritime companies involved in ship management, agents, crewing agencies worldwide, and any maritime company involved in crew manning, scheduling of any type of ship.

Marine Lubricants Image
Marine Lubricants Icon Marine Lubricants

Astrolavos Marine Lubricants* module is a dedicated software system specifically designed for the maritime industry to monitor and control marine lubricating costs for individual vessels or the whole fleet.

Documents Log System Image
Documents Log System Icon Documents Log System

Vessel Performance Image
Vessel Performance Icon Vessel Performance

The Astrolavos Vessel Performance log maintained on board is used for reporting of various ship performance data for specific voyages, transits and port calls. The ship-board log prepared and updated on a daily basis compiles data such as fuel consumption, engine status, navigation data such as distance sailed and others relevant to the actual performance of the vessel.

Bunker Trading Image
Bunker Trading Icon Bunker Trading

Covers the complete cycle of third party Bunker Trading, from initial client/vessel enquiries, automatic issuance of invoices, on line accounting interfaced with Astrolavos Financial Accounting Module. Tailored for the bunker trading environment making it very user friendly with a minimal amount of training required, enabling any novice to use it immediately.

Cruise Tickets Management Image
Cruise Tickets Management Icon Cruise Tickets Management

A program designed to manage the invoicing procedure of cruise vessels, fully integrated with the various booking programs and Astrolavos Accounting program.

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Custom Solutions Icon Custom Solutions